About Annie's Alphabet Childcare

     I love hiking and camping here in the PNW with Mt. Rainier and the Oregon side of the Colombia River Gorge, being among my favorites.  I hiked Mt. Olympus in Greece in 2022 and it was incredible. I also love exploring the Hawaiian Islands (mostly Maui).  An item on my bucket list is to visit all of the National Parks in the U.S. 
I have 3 boys....(ahem, men), and two grandchildren. They call me Nana. When I retire, I dream of taking them all over the world--
     Even though I can only name a few plants in my yard, I love getting my hands dirty and breathing in the aroma of earth while trying to keep things alive. 

When I am not playing with children, I am....

     I love creating special places for all people, not just kids. Visitors will often say that our yard reminds them of a secret garden. I want children to feel like this is their space so they feel safe and excited to come and learn. 

     When I was 17, I fell in love with being around children during one of my first jobs at a local childcare. I went to Bellevue College to learn more and after the birth of my first son in 1992, I decided to open my own daycare. I have been loving it ever since! 

Meet Annie!

"I am driven by the need to help children feel successful and learn fearlessly. I do that by creating safe, playful, and inviting spaces that are exploratory, tranquil, and nature based."

-Annie Look 

  • AA in Early Childhood Ed from Bellevue College 
  • BA in Early Childhood and Family Studies from the University of Washington
  • 35 years’ experience working with a wide diversity of young children, families, and teachers
  • Extensive experience and training in developing Early Childhood Education Programs 
  • Training on creating Individualized learning plans for each child which include Math, Science, Literacy, Art, and Music everyday
  • Training on Emotion Coaching 
  • Provide ongoing support to other childcares around me 

My Education and Qualifications

Kind Words


Annie runs the daycare out of her home with the help of another teacher, Karina, and occasionally Miriam. All the teachers are very kind and show genuine care towards the kiddos. My kids started there around ages 1 and 2. They love it there! They have so much fun, feel safe, supported, and encouraged. The kids also get healthy meals prepared for them and play outside almost everyday. The outside area for the kids to play in is very spacious and has a lot of cool spots for the kids to hang out. Overall Annie and Karina provide a very homey environment for the kids and I would highly recommend this home daycare! 

"All the teachers are very kind and show genuine care towards the kiddos. " 

- Oliva

My daughter attended Annie's Alphabet from 1-4 years old. Each morning she was excited to get there and each evening she hated to go. My daughter made great connections with the kiddos there. One of her all time favorite people is Miss Rina, a teacher at Annie's. We still make it a point to keep in touch and visit when we can. Besides the wonderful nurturing environment, Annie's focuses on play based learning. Kids get some of the basic school readiness needs met through: circle time, story time, a science area, book nook. Kids are encouraged to have fun learning, get messy, and build important social/emotional relationships. I can't say enough good things about Annie's Alphabet. Amazing Childcare Center!!!

"I can't say enough good things about Annie's Alphabet."